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Stacked: The home for my book reviews, book lists, and other thoughts about reading and related topics. I've written this blog with my co-blogger Kelly Jensen since 2009. A few highlights:

Goodreads: An up-to-date record of all books I've read since 2008. Most of my Goodreads reviews have a one or two sentence summary of my thoughts with a link to a full review at Stacked (if I wrote one).

@KimberlyMarieF: My Twitter home for pithier, more off-the-cuff remarks about books, reading, and the wider world. Because I'll often talk about social or political issues (plus use the occasional swear word), this account is currently protected. I accept requests to follow from librarians and professionals from related fields.

Tumblr: Mostly thoughts on books and feminism, with a few pretty pictures thrown in.

LinkedIn: A more detailed list of my experience in the library world.

Instagram: I take bad photos with my camera phone and then share them with the world. You're welcome.

Pinterest: A mostly outdated repository for my other obsessions - chocolate, dresses, and fancy houses.